VRchat Game on Zorin OS Lite

Hi. I’m really new to Linux systems, but I’ve been on many adventures on it, lol.
I really wanna play VRchat game, is that any way I can get it working well?
My pc is kinda trash, (I got Zorin OS Lite for it), but I’m pretty sure I’d be able to play it, since I can play the lastest version minecraft.

So, I tried a looot, a bunch of different tutorials, I got wine, winetricks, lutris and steam installed so I could play it. But I still can’t, at first, I downloaded the game on Steam, then when I opened it, wine gave me a problem with requirement of DirectX11. I searched many tutorials to install it, but I couldn’t, so I gave up.

The other day I was reading about lutris, so I went to test it. Downloaded it, installed the game on it, when I click play, it starts the game, ok… But I can’t even get through the login page, due to lag, the game is running, idk 1 fps?
And now I have no idea what to do. Is there anything I can do to make the game playable?

pc specs:AMD APU A4-4000, 4gb ram, integrated graphics.

Is Proton Experimental turned on in Steam Settings?
Steam > Steam from menubar > Settings > Scroll to the last option: Steam Play
Under Advanced Check the box for Enable steam Play for all other titles and on the Drop Down Menu for Run other titles with select Proton Experimental.