Updates not appearing?

When I start the Software Updater, or try to run updates from the command line, the only ones that appear are Chrome and Vivaldi; there don’t seem to be have been any system or kernel updates for several weeks now, which makes me wonder if my system is really up to date. For example, the Firefox version currently running is 95.0 .

Could there be an issue my end, could updates be happening in the background, or are they not being pushed out? How can I check my system is really up to date?

In Software & Updates, on the first tab, ensure that you are set to “Main Server” under the “Download from” drop down menu.
Check all four of the boxes above download from.

Switch to the updates tab. Subscribed to - ensure that is set to “All Updates”.
If you change this at any time, it will continue to say “Custom” since you chose a customized setting - just a note for the future in case you wonder about that…

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