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Back in my reckless youth I was a Microsoft Windows user. I’ve gotten over that now. However, in distancing myself from Windows I find there are a couple of functions I miss. One in particular is the ability to link my spreadsheet to a live feed of stock quotes that updated my listed stocks.
If there is a way of getting my Zorin OS Office spreadsheet to do likewise I’m hoping someone out there could point me in the right direction.
Thanks, HankB

Certainly, HankB! In Zorin OS, you can use LibreOffice Calc, which is similar to Microsoft Excel, to fetch live stock quotes. Here’s a brief guide:

  1. Install Extensions: Ensure you have LibreOffice Calc installed, and then add an extension like “SMF (Stock Market Functions)” or others that provide real-time stock data.

  2. Use Functions: Once the extension is installed, you can use specific functions within Calc to pull live stock data. For example, with SMF, you might use =GETYAHOOQUOTE("AAPL"; "l1") to get the latest price of Apple stock.

  3. External Data: Alternatively, you can use the “External Data” feature in LibreOffice Calc to fetch and update stock quotes from a CSV or other data source online.

  4. Google Sheets: If you prefer online solutions, Google Sheets has built-in functions like =GOOGLEFINANCE("NASDAQ:AAPL") which can also be accessed through a browser on Zorin OS.

  5. Python Scripts: For more advanced users, you can use Python scripts with libraries like pandas and yfinance to fetch and update stock quotes in your spreadsheet.

Feel free to explore these options and see which one works best for your needs.

Btw welcome :pray: to community

Well Thank you very much (I think) You have thrown down the thing-a-ma-gig, and presented me with a challenge that I look forward to beating. Wishing you the best and asking for luck in this endeavor, I say once more,Thank you very much.

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