Parental Controls on Zorin OS

Question was asked Zorin OS Team:
Can you let me know if Zorin will adding Parental Controls anytime soon? Here is good example of Parental controls on Elementary OS

Parental Controls Idea:
Time Restrictions
Application Restrictions

Let me know, I have number of families using Zorin OS and I cant find user-friendly solution for Zorin and I dont want to switch to Elementary OS with hope Zorin Team is working on the function.

Below Response from Zorin OS Team


We are currently researching how to better implement Parental Controls into Zorin OS in the future, and Gnome (which Zorin OS uses) are also working on integrating Parental Controls into the system.

In the meantime, for web filtering we would recommend using a DNS Parental Control service such as OpenDNS FamilyGuard which allows you to block individual websites as well as entire categories of websites. You can find out more about these DNS Parental Control services on this page:

Currently, blocking applications isn’t supported as a Parental Control setting in Zorin OS. However, it should be possible to hide the app from the Zorin menu by logging into the child’s user account and opening the Zorin menu > System Tools > Main Menu. From this window, you can hide an app by opening the menu category that it’s located in (from the left sidebar) and unchecking it from the main list.

You can also hide the Main Menu app from the System Tools category in order to prevent the child from undoing these settings. You can always open the Main Menu app again by opening the Terminal (by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T) and entering this command: alacarte

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The Zorin OS Team