Modern hardware support

my spec’s
new build
intel 13700k
asus z790 plus wifi mb
gigabyte 4080 gpu
4tb gen 4 nvme (main/windows)? not installed yet
2tb gen 3 nvme(zorin os)? not installed yet

Goal: to move on from windows
Use Case: gaming, photo and video editing
Concerns: hardware compatibility, navigation, reliability, and ease of use.
NOTE: Iam an older lifelong windows user who has dabbled in Linux but never
fully adopted it. I have 2 grandsons,(very young) and would like them to grow
into Linux and NOT Windows.
question: will the paid version of Zorin OS work for my use case and limited
linux experience? Any help would be most appreciated.

silence is deafening. lol

Hey :wave: Based on your specifications and goals, Zorin OS Pro could be a suitable choice for your use case, but there are several factors to consider given your concerns about hardware compatibility, ease of use, and your shift from Windows to Linux:

  1. Hardware Compatibility:

    • Your hardware (Intel 13700k, ASUS Z790 Plus WiFi motherboard, Gigabyte 4080 GPU) is quite modern, which is generally a good thing, but it’s important to ensure Linux compatibility. Zorin OS, being based on Ubuntu, typically has good hardware support. However, given the recency of your hardware, you might want to check for any known issues, particularly with the motherboard and GPU drivers.
  2. Ease of Use for Windows Users:

    • Zorin OS is designed to be user-friendly, especially for those transitioning from Windows. Its interface is intuitive and can even be made to look and feel similar to Windows, which should help with your transition and teaching your grandsons.
  3. Gaming:

    • With a powerful GPU like the RTX 4080, you’re well-equipped for gaming. Linux gaming has come a long way, thanks to tools like Steam Proton, which allows many Windows-only games to run on Linux. However, not all games will work perfectly, so it’s important to check compatibility for your favorite titles.
  4. Photo and Video Editing:

    • For photo editing, Linux offers applications like GIMP and Darktable, which are quite powerful. For video editing, options like DaVinci Resolve (which has a Linux version) or Kdenlive are available. However, these tools might have a learning curve if you’re used to specific Windows-based software.
  5. Reliability and Learning Curve:

    • Linux, in general, is known for its stability and security. Zorin OS, in particular, is designed to be reliable and straightforward for newcomers. That said, there’s still a learning curve, especially if you’re accustomed to Windows. The community and online resources are quite helpful, though.
  6. Zorin OS Pro:

    • The Pro version offers additional features like more pre-installed software, Zorin Installation Support, and a selection of premium desktop layouts. For your use case and as a new Linux user, these extra features can be beneficial, particularly the support and diverse desktop layouts.
  7. Dual Booting with Windows:

    • Since you’re still transitioning, you might consider a dual-boot setup with Windows, at least initially. This way, you can use Windows for tasks or games that are not yet feasible on Linux.
  8. Introducing Linux to Grandsons:

    • Zorin OS has a user-friendly interface that should be appealing and easy for your grandsons to learn. It’s a great environment to introduce them to the Linux ecosystem.

In conclusion, Zorin OS Pro can be a good fit for your use case and level of experience with Linux, but do prepare for some adjustments and learning. Your approach to gradually move from Windows, coupled with a willingness to learn and explore, sets a solid foundation for a successful transition to Linux.

By the way, I have been using Zorin For personal use and work and it’s flawless.

Thank you for your response. I will go the dual booting route.

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