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when installing zorin 17 pro there is an option to install nvidia drivers as part of the installation or use the other option listed. which option do I choose? I have an rtx 4080. Is it better to go with generic drivers during installation and add nvivia drivers later? The mere question makes it sound iffy during that point of the process. Any advice?

When installing Zorin OS 17 Pro with an RTX 4080, you have the choice to install NVIDIA drivers during the installation process or use the default generic drivers and install NVIDIA drivers later. Given that you have a relatively new and high-end GPU like the RTX 4080, here’s some guidance:

  1. Install NVIDIA Drivers During Setup:

    • Zorin OS typically offers the option to install proprietary NVIDIA drivers during the installation process. Since you have a newer GPU model, these drivers are more likely to be optimized for your hardware compared to the generic open-source drivers. Choosing this option is generally recommended as it simplifies the process and should ensure better performance and compatibility right from the start.
  2. Using Generic Drivers First:

    • If you choose not to install NVIDIA drivers during the setup, the system will use Nouveau (generic open-source drivers). This can be a safer option if you’re concerned about potential installation issues, but these drivers may not offer the best performance or full feature support for your RTX 4080.
  3. Installing NVIDIA Drivers Post-Installation:

    • If you initially go with the generic drivers, you can install NVIDIA drivers after the installation. This can be done via the “Additional Drivers” tool in Zorin OS, which makes the process relatively straightforward. However, considering the newness of your GPU, the very latest drivers might not always be immediately available in the repository.
  4. Consider Kernel and Driver Compatibility:

    • Ensure that the kernel version of Zorin OS is compatible with the latest NVIDIA drivers, especially for a new GPU like the RTX 4080. Newer hardware often requires a newer kernel for full support.
  5. Checking for Updates:

    • Whether you install the NVIDIA drivers during or after the OS installation, it’s a good idea to check for driver updates post-installation to ensure you have the latest version.

Given your hardware, the recommended approach would typically be to install the NVIDIA drivers during the Zorin OS installation process. This is because having the proprietary drivers from the start will likely provide you with a better and smoother experience, especially with a high-end and recent GPU like the RTX 4080. However, if you encounter any issues during the installation, you can always revert to the generic drivers and then install the NVIDIA drivers afterward.

Hope this helps.

Thank you, very appreciated.

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