DSCF jpegs search and recover

When I take a camera picture they show up as
DSCF jpegs instead of going to the “Pictures” file, how can I find them and transfer them to “Pictures”

Hello @JB1954

Your question appears to be conflating two distinct concerns: file naming conventions and file storage locations. The DSCF prefix typically pertains to the naming convention used by some camera manufacturers for saved photos. However, where these files are saved when transferred to your computer is a separate matter.

Technical Ubuntu Response:

If your photos from the camera are not being transferred directly to the “Pictures” directory on your Ubuntu system, you can follow these steps to locate and transfer them:

  1. Locate the Files:

    • Connect your camera or insert your memory card into your computer.
    • Open the “Files” application (Nautilus) from the dock or applications menu.
    • In the left sidebar, you should see the camera or memory card listed under “Devices”. Click on it.
    • Browse the folders inside until you find your pictures. They might be inside a folder named DCIM or something similar.
  2. Transfer to the “Pictures” Folder:

    • Once you’ve located the DSCF JPEG files, select the ones you want to transfer.
    • Right-click and select ‘Copy’ or press Ctrl + C.
    • Now, navigate to the “Pictures” directory in the left sidebar.
    • Right-click on an empty space in the “Pictures” directory and choose ‘Paste’ or press Ctrl + V. This will transfer the photos to your “Pictures” folder.
  3. Optional - Automate the Process:

    • If you’re looking to automate this process in the future, consider using applications like Shotwell or gThumb that can automatically import and organize your photos into desired directories when a camera or memory card is connected.

In future transfers, always ensure you choose the correct destination directory if prompted, to ensure photos go directly to the “Pictures” directory.