Changing desktop/system region setting

Been running in a moebius loop trying to change Region;
Selected Warsaw, Poland at install… looks like desktop clock/calendar (lower right)
is in Hungarian… Polish would be ok… would really prefer English(US)
fwiw, Budapest and Warsaw are in the same time zone.
“Help” keeps running around, back to the same help screens

It sounds like you’re experiencing some frustration with the regional settings on your Ubuntu installation. Let’s address this step-by-step:

  1. Time Zone Issue : Both Budapest and Warsaw are indeed in the same time zone (Central European Time/Central European Summer Time). However, setting the time zone doesn’t affect the language displayed in the desktop clock/calendar.
  2. Changing Language Settings :
  • First, to change the system language to English (US), open the system menu (top right corner) and go to Settings .
  • Navigate to Region & Language .
  • Under the Language section, you should be able to add English (United States) . If you can’t see it immediately, you might need to click on the + button to add a new language.
  • Once added, drag English (United States) to the top of the list to set it as the default.
  • After making the changes, restart the system for them to take effect.
  1. Desktop Clock/Calendar : This should follow the system language setting, so if you set the entire system to English (US), it should display in English. If it doesn’t, ensure that there aren’t any individual overrides for the specific application.
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Thanks fro the reply;
Somehow, inadvertently discovered;
Left-click lower-left Zorin icon > left-click “user’ > scroll down left column of “users” window > left-click on 'Region & Langauage”… the rest was self explanatory.
Also, discovered, under “Input Sources”, can add keyboard layouts for other languages (in this case, Polish And German)
Furthermore, below “Region & Language” (where scrolling bottoms out)
“Date & Time”: Enabled “Automatic Date & Time” (requires internet access) and “Automatic Time Zone”

Apparently, missed the left column scrolling down to find the same under “Settings” window.

Again, Thanks for your attention to this (primary motivation to purge, as far as possible, Microsoft from my little fiefdom)