Add music library to vlc

Zorin OS 16.3 Pro:
.flac files copied to Music folder:
how to add music library to VLC?

If you’re using Zorin OS 16.3 Pro and have copied .flac files into your Music folder and wish to add them to VLC, follow these steps:

  1. Launch VLC Media Player : If you don’t have VLC installed, you can easily install it from the Software Center or by using the terminal:
sudo apt update
sudo apt install vlc
  1. Open VLC Media Player : You can do this by clicking on the application menu, then typing in “VLC”, and clicking on the VLC icon.
  2. Access the Media Library : In the VLC main window, on the left sidebar, you’ll see an option labeled “Media Library.” If it’s not there, you can go to the View menu and ensure Playlist is enabled.
  3. Add Music Folder to VLC :
  • Click on Media in the top menu.
  • Select Open Folder or Add Folder to Playlist .
  • A file browser window will pop up. Navigate to your Music folder where the .flac files are located.
  • Highlight the Music folder or the specific sub-folder where the .flac files reside.
  • Click the Select Folder button (or equivalent, depending on your VLC version).
  1. View Your Music : After you’ve added your Music folder, the .flac files should show up in the VLC playlist view. From here, you can play and manage your music as you see fit.

Remember, VLC will not automatically update its library when you add new music to your folder. If you add more .flac files in the future, you’ll need to either manually add them to VLC as described above or refresh the media library.

Note: While Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, and most Ubuntu solutions will work for it, always ensure to check if there are any Zorin-specific tweaks or steps that might be required.

Thank you;
VLC 3.0.18 Vetinan was installed.
Bumbled my way through this time:
.flac files had already been moved to “Music” folder.
Left-clicked Zorin “Z”…
In “Search” box (aka “application menu”?), typed “vlc” > enter
With VLC open, left-clicked “View” > then “playlist” (was empty)
Reduced VLC to reduced window size to adjustable “medium-sized” (not minimized) so I could see other stuff (window) on my desktop.
Left-clicked Zorin “Z” . “Home” > “Music” > drag and dropped Music folder into “playlist” . double-clicked “Music” folder Viola!!

mebbe, someday, I can publish a Windows/Linux lexicon (used to be somewhat of a go-to guy for windows fixes… no more MS… once Win11 decided to “brick” all of my machines outta here; expect a mass exodus to Linux… that has gained one more resolved, proactive advocate! :+1: :+1:

Muchas gracias, Dzenkuja Bardzo, Vielen Dank Domo arigato goziamasu!