Zorin and Qubes

I’m not sure if my last post about was knocked on the head as being not suitable for here or not. I didn’t hear anything for a moderator or anything, but I’ll try again.

Has anybody here successfully installed Zorin on Qubes?

It probably was a quick connection loss, is all. I do not see how your question as stated could get blocked unless automated SPAM detector went over-zealous or your first attempted post mentioned “Great Great Deals on Snake Oil, Act NOW! Operators are standing by.”
Which we all know is a lie.
They tend to sit on rolly chairs.

I cannot think of any reason why you cannot install Zorin on Qubes, though I have personally never tried it. It operates the same way as installing on VM. Zorin is based on Ubuntu, based on Debian.
Whether or not All Functions will… function… Like Zorin Connect, I do not know. I know a way to find out. :smiley:

I have tried on three occasions to install it with no luck. I just don’t have the error codes with me at the moment. Don’t assume that because its based on Ubuntu that they will install the same. They don’t. I can get ubuntu to install and boot up but screen resolution is a problem stuck at I think 800x600 (4:3) with no option to change it to anything else. Internet is also an issue, and that is on a machine that ubuntu works flawlessly on. In qubes though its a problem.

Zorin on the other hand gives a whole different experience. It installs, and I get to put in my password to decrypt the drive and then it returns an error message that I just done have on me at the moment. It never gets to the desktop. Different install methods for both of these gets me nowhere.

But, take Parrot OS, also debian…installs fine with just a small issue with slightly smaller window that I can live with, but all functions working properly.

There doesn’t appear to be a lot of info out there about these issues and, to be frank, I haven’t been able to give it the time I’d like, but I’ll attack it on the weekend and see, for example, if I can change the screen resolution via CLI of which there are some leads.

Thanks for the reply.

This is interesting as Zorin and Ubuntu use the same installer. Perhaps Zorin has a couple of tweaks. I would recommend bringing this to the Zorin Teams attention. If you get a chance to give the error you are seeing, that would be helpful.

I can easily bring this to their attention. I didn’t know if they’d be interested, but I’ll re-install the vm and get the error messages.

Yes, please do. I have sent a message to the Zorin Team suggesting their attention to this thread.

I’ll re-installing this later today. I’d like to get it sorted for myself. Thanks for the prod.

Just to update. I emailed the Zorin team as suggested with all of the error messages painstakingly reproduced. They just got back to me. They’re not interested as qubes is third party software. So it will be goodbye to Zorin as I make the shift to qubes. Shame. I like Zorin, but the response surprised me. But there you have it.

I understand your disappointment. But Having looked into Qubes, in regards to this thread, I will admit that I a bit less surprised.
Qubes is a bit of its own animal and the room for conflict there is pretty spacious.
Additionally, the Zorin Tema consists currently of Two People. This is not a large team that can tackle many challenges all at once. While it is phenomenal that they support Zorin as well as they do, I cannot think anyone could expect them to doing tie-ins.
I hope you find an O.S. that suits all your needs on Qubes and if it comes down to it, you can re-create- many aspects of Zorin on your new build. I have done that already myself- took a different distro and then “Zorined” it.
In my case however, I quickly learned that the real thing worked much better than the Xubuntu build I used.
I went back to using Zorin again. Only now, I am using Zorin Cinnamon, so- I guess I also never learn.
Thanks for the update.:slight_smile: