Why is zorin os 12 and 15 ugly?

i have been using zorin os 11 for a really long time and i loved the user interface
ever since i installed 12 the user interface is really bad.
is there a way to just downgrade or get back the nice anamations and user interface?

Sadly, it is not really feasible to downgrade Zorin O.S. 12 or 15 to a lower GTK version. I believe Zorin 11 used gtk 3.16.
However, though Zorin 11 is no longer supported, you can still download, install and use many aspects of Zorin 11. I have been using Zorin OS 9 for testing.

What you are complaining about is mostly related to the many changes made to Gnome. Gnome has removed a lot of functionality and had made many changes to the gtk toolkit when Zorin 12 was released.
I started on Linux using the Gnome Desktop and in hindsight, I would have been better off using a different D.E. to get started. I migrated to XFCE and when XFCE made the decision to become a Gnome-Clone, I migrated again to Mate or Cinnamon.
It may be possible you can install Zorin 15 and use a Different Desktop Environment to meet your expectations. I am currently running Zorin 15.2 Lite using Cinnamon desktop and am very happy with it. Zorin 15 brought a lot of new useful features.
Development is, of course change… and we all know how it feels to have to let go of the older system and embrace the Latest and Lousiest.

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is there a way to install the old desktop enviroment?

There really is not a way to install a deprecated gtk-version on Zorin 15. Or on Zorin 12, either.
The reason for this is the gtk-toolkit in use, combined with the Linux Kernel, ranging from upwards of 4.0, combined with systemd and X11. These are integrated together.
And even the .css for the themes have changed drastically.
You CAN install several different Desktop Environments on the current O.S., however they must each be up to date with the latest integrated toolkit.
But that may be the thing you need: A new desktop environment with a customized user interface and theme that matches much more closely to Zorin 11 than Zorin 15 or 12 does.
With latest developments, also comes more features and more software availability. IF you are using Zorin 15.2 Lite that is customized to resemble Zorin 11, you would also have access to all current use and updates alongside a desktop environment that you love.
Can you please Detail Exactly what it is that is missing in Zorin 15 and Zorin 12 that you enjoyed in a previous version?

first it is realy slow
and second the interface is really bad
but man. i can not get over how slow it is!):<
and it will not even open chrome.
how the hell cant an oprating system open a simple program?
and 11 was just fast
the interface was great
and it will open what ever

Hmm… that slow- means something is wrong.
Could you please tell me the specs your computer has? Processor speed, RAM, graphics?

your really going to ask me that dumb trash?
for god sake! all i want is zorin os 11!
it is a freaking mac for god sake!

Yes, I absolutely will ask you that trash because that Trash is Necessary information in order to figure out why your computer- With The hardware specs I just asked you about - is running slow.
Obviously. That is very basic.
If you want Zorin OS 11 on your Mac, then the simplest solution would be to…

Install Zorin OS 11 on it. https://sourceforge.net/projects/zorin-os/files/11/

If you want Zorin OS 11 on Zorin OS 15, then I must remind you that Magic only exists in Fantasy.

And the next time someone puts forth effort to help you out, at no gain for themselves, it would be wise of you to not act like an angry child.

cloce one.
the paartition table is missing when i tried to burn it to a usb with etcher
an other way to burn it to the USB?
well anyway since Zorin is that slow i am on pop!_os on my hp