The attempt to mount a filesystem with type vfat at /boot/efi failed

First I flashed my USB with etcher. It was fine.Then I used it in my laptop and it shown good OS which is really fast than my old Windows.

But when i tried to install it, it shows an error that says, the attempt to mount a filesystem with type vfat at /boot/efi failed…

This is my first time installing linux. Please help me. thank you.

BoringCuriosity, when you install the OS, during the installation process, instead of choosing “install alongside of” or “Wipe Drive and Install” , choose the “Something Else…” method.
This will open Gparted to allow you to adjust your partitions. IF you are installing alongside of another OS, you can select the partition you want to use, then hit the (-) button to delete it. Select the Free Space that creates and select (+) button to build it. If you are not installing alongside, you can ignore the above.
Either way, once you arrive at the popup asking you the following:

Use ext4 journaling file system instead of vfat.
Set mount point as (/) or if you prefer, (/boot).
Click (ok) and proceed with installation.