Rhythmbox Playlist bug

rhythmbox Playlist bug

Nate: Looks like there’s a bug when you create a playlist and try to drag files from desktop to playlist they will not move. They only moved to Local directory then from local director you need to move to playlist. But you cannot move directly files from desktop to playlist

Andre Klapper :speech_balloon: @aklapper 10 hours ago


What is “desktop”? Which rhythmbox version is this about?


So for example if I want to add some MP3s to certain playlist! And I open up folder with MP3s and try to drag MP3s to that playlist it will not add to playlist but to local collections and then after local collections I can only move to a playlist. So I cannot directly move from folder to rhythmbox

Andre Klapper :speech_balloon: @aklapper 42 minutes ago


Looks like 3.4.2-4ubuntu1 (for future reference, please provide text as text, as text can be searched for).

See https://help.gnome.org/users/rhythmbox/3.4/rb-window.html for a screenshot of GNOME Rhythmbox. Your photo looks like a heavily customized Rhythmbox version by your distribution. No idea what “Local collection” is. Please file bug reports in your distribution’s issue tracker if they ship their own code that we cannot fix.

Any idea if Zorin Team can fix this problem?

Sounds like this Ubuntu Pacakged Rythmbox, here:
This is provided for Bionic Ubuntu by Canonical.

Could you please try following the instructions here?:

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Thank you it fixed the problem

Awesome. The bill is in the mail… :wink:

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When you get tired of RhythmBox, install Clementine - has the best visualisations over any other! And you can sync your playlist with Clementine for Android.

I personally like Strawberry Music Player, its more up to date then Clementine.

Is that a pseudonym for SMPlayer! :LOL:

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I am using Audacious, still. But enjoyign the recommendations. As a creature of habit, I do not switch easily, but will install SMP (A fork of Celmentine) and see how that goes.
I like to rock out when I am workin…

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I recently took a look at Strawberry Player and to me it is a bit of a pink grapefruit of what Clementine is, especially as it doesn’t have projectM (milkdrop) visualiser with it!