Partitioning Help

Hi everyone I just had a small problem while partitioning my hard disks. I was trying to do it myself and I forgot to partition one of my hard disks leaving it all empty. Now Zorin doesn’t even see it. How can I find it and make it usable again?

You can use GParted to resize a partition to include un-allocated space.
Back up your data, first. Timeshift, Duplicty/Deja Dup - whatever boats your float.
Use your installation medium - LiveCd or Live USB to boot. Log in to the Live Demo.
Load GParted.
Right click on the partition you wish to induce into gobbling up space that was not previously allocated and select “resize” and follow the prompts.
Once complete, shut down your Computer, remove the installation media and boot up.
Hope this helps.

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You might also want to keep a copy of GParted on its own:

Thanks a lot everyone! I did indeed use gparted and it was much easier than I thought.

This usually is the case.:smiley: It often looks very new and daunting at first, like riding a bike. But once you get going, you feel back in charge.