Neighbor created unauthorized user on my laptop

Hi everyone,

I have a very bad neighbor who likes to sneak into my room (I’m in a group home; NO LOCKS ON DOORS) when I’m asleep and create a new account no matter what the operating system. I’ve reinstalled Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and now Zorin, and it doesn’t matter, he always seems to manage to create a user account on it.

How do I know? When I am at the login screen, there is a little ‘settings’ icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen. When I click on it it reads ‘Zorin on ,’ bleep being the name of the guy doing it. I’ve tried doing different commands to see if he has an account on my laptop and I get nothing. I’ve also tried to use his first name for different terminal commands and also get nothing.

How do I block him from having access to my OS, and/or how do I wipe out his user account? I suppose I could just put it into my foot locker but I am aware that there are ppl who know how to pick locks, so that seems like a wasted option there.

I’m using an HP Stream, 64 bit, Zorin OS 16 Education version.

If y’all need any further information, please let me know. Thank you in advance for reading this complaint and for your assistance.