I can't uninstall KDE Plasma DE

Here I am with yet another noob question. So I installed KDE used it for a while but went back to Zorin Desktop becuse it took ages to boot. Also there is this game I love so much called Dusk but every I play it, it messes up the panel. I switched to KDE because of a bug on GNOME that prevented my apps from appearing on the panel (apps like Blueman). Bug has been fixed so I went back to Zorin Desktop but I can’t uninstall Plasma. It gives this error: kde-plasma-desktop was not installed, so it was not removed. Even tho it is installed. I don’t know what to do (as usual) so please help me.

Sometimes, you gotta figure out which exact name to specify when using terminal…
An easier method for this may be to install Synaptic Package Manager:
sudo apt-get install synaptic
Once you have synaptic open and running, use the search field and search for “plasma”.
Mark any Plasma entries that you find for “complete removal” then hit apply.
Now, do a second search for “kde”. But this one gets trickier.
If you are using any KDE apps, like Connect or Dolphin, you will need to know to skip those.
Remove what you find that can go.
Now, go into your home folder and hit ctrl+h and navigate to .config. Remove configuration files for kde plasma that you find there. Check your home .local/share and .local/share/applications as well.