Help nvidia driver issue

When I choose nvidia driver a very small resolution applys
driver nvidia 340
gcard geforce g120m (laptop)
help !

Sadly, this is not unusual on Ubuntu-based Derivatives with Nvidia cards. The solution is either very easy … Or very Not So Easy.
Let’s hope for easy…
In terminal, can you paste in each of the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Reboot, then:

sudo apt remove --purge nvidia*

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall
Reboot and test and please reply with results.

Sry for late respond
Not working same bad res

Please type “software” into your app menu search bar and then select “Software and Updates”.
When the GUI opens, navigate to the “Additional Drivers” tab. It will begin searching for drivers. Can you relay what you see there or if it says “no additional drivers available”?
If it gives nividia proprietary drivers, can you try selecting them and installing them to see if any change?

I already switched the drivers, there are an x org x server driver witch gives a good res but bad fps an nvdia 340 (bad res) and an nvidia 304 (I can’t select, it just drops back to x org x server)

What results do you get with

sudo apt update

sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall