Gnome 3.34 smoothness

I just purchased Zorin ultimate a couple months ago and I’m in love. Being able to switch better gnome layout and macOs styles is amazing!

I’m wondering when the improvements to gnome 3.34 will be implemented into Zorin OS. From the videos I have seen of gnome 3.34 it seems a lot smoother and I would like that experience in Zorin.
I’m running an 8th gen i7 with 16gb ddr4 on a 1tb nvme, so resources shouldn’t be an issue to not having the menu smooth.

Thanks team!

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Reply from Zorin team:

As GNOME 3.34 was only recently released we will be testing the new GNOME Shell version and evaluating the possibility of backporting it or certain fixes from it to Zorin OS 15 over the next few months.

Best regards,

The Zorin OS Team

Just remember that Team Zorin don’t rush things until they get it right - at the end of the day they have both paying and non-paying customers to satisfy - and it is not always their fault - remember bugs in software can sometimes be related to hardware compatibility issues as that other OS has hardware built around it. So basically if you want troublefree issues then buy GNU/Linux hardware.

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As a paying customer, I do appreciate the polish that is set forth with Zorin OS. I did buy a certified laptop off Ubuntu’s list, so there is not a “bug” but I would like to see snappier response from the OS as advertised in Gnome 3.34 release.
I’m excited for Zorin to implement them, whenever that may happen.
I’ll do some digging to see if the lag is coming from my X1Carbons hardware or my XPS 13. Maybe I’ll ditch Zorin and try regular Ubuntu to see if it’s my hardware as stated above. Thanks for the advice on getting GNU/Linux hardware - even though both of my laptops have shipped with Ubuntu from the manufacturer.

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If I had the dosh (I do but don’t hold the purse! LOL!) I would definitely go for a Nova custom build - there abuot page has a video of them putting the hardware together!