Free Music for Free Thinkers!

Just wanted to share a great site that helped me get through depression some years ago. You won’t find mainstream artists but the world’s largest number of worldwide artists all in one place. For me my personal favourite is Tunguska Electronic Music Society made up of primarily Russian artists and a Nordic group Argonika created on the 100th anniversary of the destruction of Tunguska forest by a meteor. A lot of artists from different countries on jamendo to expand your music horizons. Here’s a vid I created using artist of Tunguska:

Which makes it all the harder on the rest of us to try to put Swarfendor back IN to his depression. But with faith and as a team effort, I am sure we can still succeed.


If I told you the cause of my depression was Office 2007 I think (hope) you wouldn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:
My first discovery on jamendo was the very first Internet band, comprising musicians from different continents composing online: Tryad.