Device manager for Zorin OS

Hi, folks!
I’m pretty new in Zorin - I’ve just moved from Lubuntu, but I can find nothing like Device / Hardware manager. Additionally, I cannot find a way to switch between my two soundcards - in Lubuntu it was so easy.
Thank you in advanced for helping me! :slight_smile:

Zorin Ultimate and Core use Gnome desktop, so you would need an extension that gives the functionality you are looking for:

Downloaded the zip, unzipped it, but nothing to install… Sorry to ask you, but how I can install this extension?

And, what about hardware manager for Zorin? I really need it. Is there something I can do?

I use Zorin Lite which uses XFCE desktop. Zorin Core uses Gnome desktop. Swarfendor would understand better than I would.
Let me see if I can get some tips from him.

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