Contributing to Zorin


I thought I would start a conversation about how to contribute to the Zorin project. I think this is really important for those that want to get involved in making Zorin the best it can be. I’m new to the project, I love what I see, and I want to contribute.

If you want to help me and others that read this post do our part, please post techniques or guides on contributing to this wonderful project.

If you have a bug you would like to report to the Zorin team, emailing [email protected] is one way of reporting them. They will triage the report and forward them to the applicable parties. Though, I think this is just for Zorin specific stuff. They may be able to help with a bug in an application, but I think you’re better off reporting that to the respective project team.

That said, most people don’t know where projects track their bugs or in what format they require them reported, so if you have experience with reporting bugs for specific projects that are installed by default in Zorin, feel free to post tips here. After all, reporting bugs is a big way a non-developer/content creator can contribute, but we want to do it in the right way so that the report is it’s most effective.

Jason Evangelho wrote an article titled “Let’s Build A Wiki For Contributing To The Linux And FOSS Community” on that outlines ways to contribute to Linux and FOSS. He also includes a link to the GitHub page for the project.

This project might yield fruit for Zorin OS, so feel free to explore and contribute to this initiative. And, if you see something useful that will help others contribute to Zorin specifically, post it here so we can all learn.

Since M$ now owns GitHub and its Patent traps in code supplied to Linux it would have been nicer to have seen such a project on GitLabs instead (where refugees from GitHub departed after M$ bought it out).

Good to know. Thank you